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Test Generator is an online software for Publishers to promote their books and study material by providing user access to school and teachers to create question paper for various subjects, classes, chapters and save or print the test in an organized way.

A Complete Online "Teach and Assess" System

Test Generator is a product developed after years of research for education Industry to teach online via animated videos or tutorials, eBooks and prepare test paper/question paper that can be saved in PDF/Word format or can be printed right away.

Multiple Language Support

Test Generator supports multiple languages to create tests. The languages can be added or removed as per clients requirements. Presently it supports English, Hindi, Punjabi & French.

Easy Interface

The interface of the Test generator is so easy and simple that anyone with just basic knowledge of computer & internet can use it to generate tests.

PDF/Word Output

The question papers and answersheets generated can be downloaded and saved as PDF to print later or in Word format to edit and print later.

Multiple Device Support

Test generator works fine in every device. It can be run on mobile or Tablets as well as desktops and laptops that makes it accessible anywhere anytime.

amazing features

Its all about promoting your business. Choose questions that align to your textbook, and generate your test. Test Generator has many amazing features:


View animation and tutorial as video content.


view or download worksheets in PDF format.


View and read books in the form of ebooks or flipbooks with sound online.

Dual Subject Test

Generate Test Paper of a single subject or combine two subjects to generate a combined testpaper.

Android App

Get your own android app for Test Generator.

Mantainance and Support

One Year free mantainance and support.

How it work


Test Generator works with two different panels Administrator and User respectively. Admin feeds the data and assign controls to user and User acess the data and controls to create the test and use other features as assigned by the Admin.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel helps the publisher/school to keep track of services assigned to User.

Data and User Management

This is an important feature of Admin Panel to feed the data, its assignment for user, creating and deleting a user, and add subscription for user.

User Panel

User can login by entering his/her username and password provided to access all the services assigned by admin.

Test Management

This a feature of User Panel where user can create the testpaper and download it in the form of PDF/Word or can print rightaway.

Plans Table


Following are the plans for our Online Test Generator software. Choose the plans that suits you best according to the requirements.


  • Domain Name
  • Create Users
  • Mantain User Accounts
  • Create Permissions For Users
  • Question data feed of 1 set of Subject
  • Yearly mantainance of 5000/year


  • Domain Name
  • Create Users
  • Mantain User Accounts
  • Create Permissions For Users
  • Create Multiple Subjects
  • Upload n number of questions
  • Yearly mantainance 3500/year


  • Domain Name
  • Create Users
  • Mantain User Accounts
  • Create Permissions For Users
  • Create Multiple Subjects
  • Upload n number of questions
  • Upload worksheets as pdf for the users.
  • Upload animated videos/tutorials for the users.
  • Yearly mantainance 4500/year


  • One User
  • 1000 ui elements
  • E-mail support

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